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"Stressed, burned-out or discouraged employees often are the first to look for a way to leave the company... Glue uses engagement benchmarks based on particular roles within each company to determine when employees may be feeling that way.

Glue can generate scores based on connectivity to a team, across teams, with leadership and an overall sense of belonging."

The Washington Post

"Glue is so much fun! Shoutout to your whole team for managing our 1000+ person events!"

Karen B.

"We have a lot of fun with Glue. It really helps folks come out of their shells."

Carol V.

"The high energy interaction Glue events are able to get out of everyone—even leaders—is so well done. Everyone stays involved, even in large groups where you’re concerned people will fade out. And that is not the case with Glue."

Nicole D.

5,000 happy teams worldwide

“We rely on Glue because they take the guesswork out of matching the right event to the right team.”

Chang Z.
Chang Z.

"Glue events are PHENOMENAL! The hosts are energetic and helpful."

Melissa S.

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