Collect employee sentiment, simply

Understand employee morale, engagement, and connection to improve retention.

Better understand your team's engagement.

Pulse is the newest feature in Glue's suite of measurement tools. Paired with Glue's AI-powered connection algorithm, this new tool will make finding stronger insights and solutions even easier.

Ask the right questions

Easily create a pulse using our people science-driven questions, ensuring you get the data you need every time.

Find the right solutions

By pairing responses with Glue's AI-powered connection algorithm, analyzing feedback and taking action has never been easier.

A different approach to employee surveys

Traditional surveys

Historically, employee surveying tools have relied on outdated questions and data analytics. The results of these surveys are hard to validate and analyze, and little-to-no action being taken in response.


Pulse uses modern, people science-driven questions and AI-enabled connection insights to give you a holistic and accurate understanding of employee engagement and morale. Our in-platform tools and solutions empower you to act on these learnings and build a happy and connected workplace.

“I would recommend anyone to use Glue if their goal is to encourage employee engagement and morale. Their platform is easy to utilize and minimizes the work you need to do.”

Jennifer P.
Jennifer P.
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