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core values

Our values inform how we approach our work and build culture at Glue

Optimize for happiness
For ourselves, our customers, and our partners. We make decisions that optimize for happiness, invest the time, energy, and resources necessary in the pursuit of happiness.
Be the main character
We approach ambiguity head-on and cast ourselves as the protagonist in our own lives. We strive to make informed decisions but are willing to act on our gut. We don’t like losing, but hate not winning.
Have ingrained empathy
We believe our best work comes from starting with deeply ingrained empathy. The best solutions start with an extensive understanding of our problems, customers, and people.
Be relentlessly resourceful
We stop at nothing to solve incredibly difficult problems. We are world class risk takers and love being proved wrong. Our curiosity leads us to learn faster than anyone else.

We invest in you,

wherever you want to go.

Work from anywhere The new definition of a “modern workspace” is whatever you make of it. Comfort of home? Great. A different beach each week? Do it. (As long as there’s wifi…) Our WFH stipend will help you outfit your office wherever it is.

Unlimited PTO Seriously. Everyone at Glue is passionate about solving the problems of remote work; as long as you make your contribution to that effort, take time whenever you need to.

Comprehensive healthcare General, vision, dental, mental. You should bring your best self to work, and sometimes that means a visit with a professional. We have you covered.

Pay, 401k and equity Happiness doesn’t pay the bills or help you retire, so we offer competitive compensation to take care of those parts of your life.

Parental leave We raise the standard with 12-weeks of paid parental leave for both birth and non-birth parents.

Bi-annual offsite Connecting as a team—as a whole team—is important to us. Twice a year we put extra effort into getting everyone “together” for fun and professional development.

Learning & development When you grow, we grow. Glue offers an annual stipend to keep your skills sharp and help you reach your goals.

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