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All-in-one event management

Glue takes the hassle out of event planning. We streamline logistics, automate invites, and measure results. Our events are so engaging, our customers report seeing an average attendance of 80%. 30% higher than industry average!

Instant Booking

Glue's integrated events platform analyzes your team’s preferences to automatically match and invite them to the right event - saving you time, boosting attendance, and improving employee satisfaction.

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Centralized dashboard

Get a bird’s-eye-view of your team’s connections, book events, and measure results, all in one place. Glue is the simple solution for planning impactful team events.


What our customers say about Glue events

“In this new normal of distributed work, you need to blend remote, hybrid, and in-person experiences to build culture and trust in different ways, and Glue is a great enabler for that.”

Brian L.
Brian L.
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