Your end-to-end connection solution

Understand how your people are doing and act on it proactively.


Engage teams at scale

Glue has arranged >10,000 events, from small group activities to full-company entertainment. We take the hassle out of event planning, handling the logistics, invites, activities, and content.


Where AI meets EQ

Glue’s AI analyzes data on employee interactions and interests to uncover connection opportunities. Glue’s Meetups are casual intros that spark conversation and can lead to new work BFFs.


A better way to survey

Pulse is a low-friction vibe check to sense how employees are feeling. When paired with Glue’s AI-powered people analytics, HR leaders gain a holistic view of engagement across their company.

“In this new normal of distributed work, you need to blend remote, hybrid, and in-person experiences to build culture and trust in different ways, and Glue is a great enabler for that.”

Brian L.
Brian L.

Plans starting at $5/user per month

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